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Tina Louise Greer’s case has been the impetus for starting the project. Unfortunately, Tina’s case highlights the many discrepancies within policy, norms, and governance concerning domestic violence, missing persons, and homicide.

Tina went missing on 18/01/2012. Before her disappearance, she was in an abusive relationship and feared for her life countless times. Les Sharman (boyfriend) was the last person to see her. Police found her car just kilometres from his property, and her phone was switched off inside his property lines. For ten years, Tina was classified as a missing person. It was suspected that Les Sharman murdered Tina.

In May 2022, a Queensland Coroner Court ruled that Tina is deceased, although the location of her remains is unknown. The initial coroner’s report revealed many troubling glimpses of injustices and inadequate responses by individuals and services. Despite appealing for an inquest, it was denied “as it was not in the public interest”.
However, after 22,778 signatures and support from the Attorney General, an inquest was granted.


The Tina Greer Project has been founded to demonstrate that Tina’s case is in the public interest and to tackle issues facing the community concerning domestic violence, homicide, and missing persons.

Relying on policy and structural change to happen organically is not something we can afford to wait for.





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