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Our Mission

The Tina Greer project is a space where educational and productive conversations take place that provoke change concerning domestic violence, homicide and missing persons.

Dedicated to and inspired by Tina Louise Greer.

Tina Greer & Lili Greer hug and smile for picture.

Our Why & Values

Keep informed

Follow the Journey

Image of people in orange vest in bush land searching


Missing persons reports are received yearly. While most people are found within a short period of time, there remain approximately 2,600 long term missing persons (AFP 2022).

Latest News

Missing Persons Support Group 

Recently we created a private missing persons support group. This is a safe place where families and friends of missing persons can connect, share their lived experiences and above all support each other. 

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Inquest Into The Death Of Tina Greer

Tina's inquest will begin on the 13th of September and will likely go for 5-8 days. 
It has been a long journey to get to this point and it would not have been possible without public support. 
The inquest issues can be found here . 


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