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Our Mission

The Tina Greer project is a space where educational and productive conversations take place that provoke change concerning domestic violence, homicide and missing persons.

Dedicated to and inspired by Tina Louise Greer.

Tina Greer & Lili Greer hug and smile for picture.

Charity fundraiser 

12 for Tina

In honour of Tina’s 12 year anniversary, The Tina Greer Project is raising money for The Missed Foundation, whose purpose is to alleviate the impact of missingness. 

Our Why & Values

Keep informed

Follow the Journey

Image of people in orange vest in bush land searching


Missing persons reports are received yearly. While most people are found within a short period of time, there remain approximately 2,600 long term missing persons (AFP 2022).

Latest News

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Inquest Findings  

The Inquest into the death of Tina Greer findings.

Screen Shot 2023-08-22 at 3.03.20 pm.png

Inquest Into
The Death Of Tina Greer

Tina's inquest will begin on the 13th of September and will likely go for 5-8 days. 
It has been a long journey to get to this point and it would not have been possible without public support. 
The inquest issues can be found here . 


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