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Dear Mum

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Setting out to describe you, is truly a task

No more pretending and hiding behind that mask

Today is for you, through and through

I know it’s not enough, but today we remember you

Losing you and I’m downing, in a black sea

I’ll never explain all, you truly mean to me

I hear your resilience, in the hum of the ocean

The thrashing of falls, show’s me your devotion

I hear your voice, in your letters, It’s uncanny

You live on in the smell of vanilla candles and the frangipani

Sometimes I feel your hands stoking my face

Like you once did, with loving embrace

Whilst the end of the search approaches

You remind you are here, with your trademark roses

I still see your hope in the sunrise

Don’t worry mum, I’ll never forget all you symbolise

I will always hold you with the upmost esteem

Sometimes you even visit me, while I dream

You remind of our road trips and those movie nights

I’d give my life, just to have you in my sights

We could spend hours talking at our beach

It’s as though you’re, just out of my reach

Remembering the fun and planning of what’s to come

I never got to thank you, and I’m sorry mum

I know in my heart; you did all you could

I never fully understood in my childhood

You are my world, you are my inspiration

Through domestic violence, family abuse and indoctrination

We always knew everything would be fine

So long as we had each other, fuck the bloodline

Despite it all, you showed a brave face

Now it’s been nine years and still not a trace

My life is empty without your existence

l love you and the pain is far from a distance

A world without you, is true devastation

You are In unknown location with no indication

P.S I love you

P.P.S See you in my dreams

Two hands with their pinky fingers interlocked, green background.

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